Rules & Requirements

Rules of Entry

Please ensure that you read and download the Rules of Entry before completing your submission. There are changes to the rules each year, so it is important that you review this document even if you are a repeat entrant.

You are encouraged to enter the category that most suits your business. 

1. If entering more than one category, then a separate and complete entry must be submitted for each category. However, entrants may only enter one submission in any one of the following categories: 
a. Attractions – either category 1 OR 2; 
b. Festivals and Events – either category 3 OR 4; 
c. Tour Operator – either category 11 OR 12; 
d. Accommodation – enter category 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 OR 23 
2. Specialised Tourism Services category is for entrants that are unable to meet the criteria of other categories. Entrants to this category are not permitted to enter any other additional categories. 
3. Entrants that commenced operation for the first time in the qualifying period MUST enter the New Tourism Business category. 
4. Entrants cannot change categories after the closing date for submission in the state/territory tourism awards in which they have entered. 
5. Qualifying Period 
a. The qualifying period will be based on the financial year in which the Awards are held E.g. 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019. All activities, achievements and innovations referred to within submissions must have occurred within this period. 

6. Trading Period 
a. All entrants must have traded for the entire qualifying period except those entering the New Tourism Business category. 
b. Specifically, entrants in the category New Tourism Business must have commenced trading/visitation or service delivery within the qualifying period. No minimum period of trading has been defined for New Tourism Business. 
c. Exceptions apply to seasonal businesses and facilities, festivals, events, marketing campaigns, media entries, training and tourism development projects, however the activity being put forward for consideration must have occurred within the qualifying period. 
7. Nominated state/territory 
a. Entrants must be based or operate in the region, state or territory of their nomination e.g. New South Wales 
b. Should a company have branches in more than one state/territory they may choose the most appropriate state/territory to enter based on a single entity. If a company wishes to enter as a group, then they can only enter in one state/territory Awards program and focus on the activities undertaken in that state/territory. 

While the process may seem daunting it is a very worthwhile process for every business to be involved in and the actual ceremony is a wonderful event to be involved in and have a presence at. It is a great honour to receive such an award. The award is testament to what we have all been working towards and has helped to further elevate the brand and profile of Halcyon House. 

Mauro De Riso, General Manager, Halcyon House, 2015 NSW Gold Winner and 2015 Australian Tourism Awards Bronze Winner – New Tourism Business