Changes introduced for 2020
The Australian Tourism Industry Council has continued to review and update the awards program to remain relevant and contemporary.
Recent developments have paid particular attention to the questions for submission to ensure these can clearly enlighten judges on the visitor experience offered, whilst removing duplicity and ambiguity.
The following provides an overview of changes made for 2020.
Most categories will have a revised question set which focuses on five key areas:
Business Development
Customer Experience
Responsible Tourism
In addition, the following categories have an updated set of questions that are specific to the individual category:
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Tourism
Cultural Tourism
Tourism Marketing & Campaigns
Festivals and Events (inc. Major)
Major Festivals and Events
New Tourism Business
Word count
Whilst we understand that the submission process for the awards can take some time to prepare, we believe that sufficient space to adequately respond to the questions must be provided. Therefore, we have made an adjustment to the overall word count, this has been amended across categories 1 to 25 to a maximum word count of 10,000.
Businesses are reminded that they can be disqualified if they exceed the maximum word count and should ensure they are within the word count limit prior to submitting.
As a part of the review for 2020 the participation in various categories were examined and the following changes were determined to more adequately reflect the entrants to the category:
‘Specialised Tourism Services’ will be renamed ‘Tourism Retail & Hire Services’
‘Destination Marketing’ will be renamed ‘Tourism Marketing & Campaigns’
‘Standard Accommodation’ will be renamed ‘3 – 3.5 Star Accommodation’
‘Deluxe Accommodation’ will be renamed ‘4 – 4.5 Deluxe Star Accommodation’
‘Luxury Accommodation’ will be renamed ‘5 Star Luxury Accommodation’
Online review
As a businesses’ digital/online presence is a significant factor to their overall business success and an important consumer touch point we have introduced an ‘Online Review’. This year, the Site Visit judge will review the entrant’s website, social media channels, search engine optimisation and external listing sources and will contribute a total score out of 5 to the overall submission score.
Awards nominees will now have access to a ReviewPro account, via the online system. For 2020 your ReviewPro rating will not impact your score, however entrants are advised to become familiar with the program. It is anticipated that in 2021 a consumer review score will form part of an entrant’s overall score, which will be captured via ReviewPro. Watch this video for an introduction to the ReviewPro Dashboard. This session not only explains in full the dashboard but provides some invaluable tips and advice on reputation management in general.

Click here for instructions on how to access and setup your ReviewPro account via your dashboard within the awards portal.